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Ahmedabad to Diu & Daman

hire a taxi from ahmedabad to diu

Book your cab from Ahmedabad to Diu and bask in the blissful atmosphere of this lovely town. Located on the eastern end of Diu Island, the town offers something for everyone. Diu fort, the most visited tourist spot, is a 16th century citadel, built by the Portuguese. It symbolizes their four hundred years of colonial rule over this territory. The town is also a base for three baroque style churches, of which only St. Paul's church is used for its intended purpose.

The cathedral is renowned for its exquisite architectural style. For Nature lovers, a visit to Naida caves is must. The cave has a maze like structure with natural openings for sunlight, giving the orange rocks below a beautiful and lustrous look. Hire a taxi from Ahmedabad to Diu and enjoy a short weekend. The beaches here are ideal to relax and enjoy recreational activities.

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