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Ahmedabad to Ambaji

Cab Services Ahmedabad To Ambaji

The holy temple of Goddess Ambe is surrounded by Aravali hills in the Banaskanta district of Gujarat. Situated at a distance of one eighty five kilometers from Ahmedabad, the shrine can be visited by booking a Taxi Services Ahmedabad to Ambaji. According to Vedic scriptures, Lord Shiva's first wife Goddess Sati immolated herself and her body was cut into fifty one pieces by Lord Vishnu's Chakra. These fifty one places are called Shakti Peethas, and hold special importance for Devi followers. Ambaji is one of the most visited Shakti Peetha's, since this was the place where the heart of the Goddess had fallen.

The shrine is frequented by thousands of devotees every year. The crowds specially increase during Navratri and full moon days. Worshippers also visit Gabbar temple, just five kilometers from Ambaji shrine. The ancient temple of Gabbar is dedicated to Goddess Ambe. One can reach here by steps or cable car.

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